Limmat Scientific


FRAP’s unique unsteady pressure measurement technology provides a range of finely tuned measurements highly resolved in space and time. The system is designed to operate with LSc’s Fast-response aerodynamic probes such as the FRAP-ST for high measurement bandwidth, FRAP-HT for high temperature applications, FRAP-HTH for measurement in wet steam or FRAP-7S for large flow angles measurements. The system is also compatible with the FRAP-STE measuring concurrently the 2D unsteady total pressure and total temperature field. The probes are equipped with encapsulated pressure sensors into probe tips as small as 0.9mm. The probes enable the measurement of the 3-dimensionnal flowfield (flow angles, total pressure and static pressure) up to a frequency of 48KHz, as well as the measurement of total temperature up to 1Hz.

FRAP technology is supported with full turn-key system: signal acquisition boards, traversing system, pressure supply unit, power pressure units, post processing software (including the Herkules Matlab module) and a high performance PC are mounted in a 19” stand-alone measurement tower.

Supports all LSc 5-Hole and third party measurement probes.

FRAP software

The Herkules data reduction and analysis tool supports the large and complex data set from unsteady flow fields (up to 50GB per traverse). A simple user interface fronts a powerful full-suite analysis tool illustrating greater efficiency potential in the design and development process.


  • Highly resolved measurements in Space and Time
  • Tip diameter 0.9 – 2.5mm
  • Full Turn-Key System:
    – Signal acquisition system
    – Calibration system
    – Traversing system
    – Power and pressure unit
    – Software: acquisition, reduction and analysis
  • 48kHz frequency response characteristics
  • Fast, integrated data processing
  • Traceable calibration according to customer requirements
  • Custom-made FRAP probes with single, double or multiple sensors available
  • Demonstrated robustness during continuous use in industrial and academic facilities