FRAP – 7 sensors (FRAP-7S)

The FRAP-7S offers the widest flow angle measurement range. The probe tip is equipped with 7 piezo-resistive sensors encapsulated under the pressure taps. The probe can be equipped with high sentivity pressure sensors for low dynamic head application required for atmospheric research or low speed wind tunnel facilities. The probe measures the unsteady flow field up to a frequency of 3KHz with a maximum operating temperature of 120°C.

Limmat Scientific

FRAP – 7 sensors (FRAP-7S) Wide flow angle range

Integrate probes with turn-key LSc measurement system including calibration, traversing system and full suite of post processing data reduction and analysis software.


  • 20mm probe tip diameter
  • 3KHz measurement bandwidth
  • Maximum temperature: 120°C
  • yaw angle = ±55°
  • pitch angle = ±60°
  • Operation in air
  • High sensitivity
  • Fully calibrated
  • Fully compatible with FRAP turn key system.
  • Robust measurement system used on drones for wind park velocity flowfield measurements.