Fast-Response Aerodynamic Probes (FRAP)

Time-resolved flowfield measurements for improved aerodynamic design

Miniature fast-response aerodynamic probes with encapsulated pressure sensors measuring unsteady flow field. Measures flow parameters including total and static  pressure, flow angles, velocity components, temperature and Mach number. The probe are either designed to operate in air or in wet steam  flows.

Limmat Scientific

Fast-Response Aerodynamic Probes (FRAP)

Integrate probes with turn-key LSc measurement system including calibration, traversing system and full suite of post processing data reduction and analysis software.


  • FRAP-ST with highest measurement bandwidth
  • FRAP-HT with highest total temperature measurement range
  • FRAP-7S with highest flow angle measurement range
  • FRAP-HTH for wet steam flows