Versitile design for wide range of operating conditions

The CMA sensor assembly serie offers a very versatile range of pakaged pressure sensors designed for measuring dynamic pressure. The sensor assemblies consist of absolute or relative pressure die mounted onto smooth or threaded casings.  The sensors are coated with hydrophobic RTV ensuring their operation in water and steam. The pakaged sensors are available for the most stringent applications requiering either high pressure sensitivity or operation up to 220°C.

Limmat Scientific

Casing-mount pressure sensor (CMA)

The sensors can be either operated in a constant current or constant voltage mode, and can be interfaced to any standard signal conditionning and monitoring systems.


  • Absolute pressure range: 0 to 4bar
  • Relative pressure range: -1bar to 4bar
  • Temperature range: up to 220°C
  • Measurement bandwidth up to 250kHz
  • Sensitivity: from 10mV/bar to 1V/bar (unamplified)
  • Smooth casing diameter: ≥4mm
  • Threaded casing diameter ≥6mm
  • Fully calibrated in constant current or constant voltage operating mode
  • Fully compatible with industrial signal conditionning systems