Blade/ surface mount

Miniature design with minimum packaing dimensions

The surface mount pressure sensor assembly is the smallest packaged sensor assembly yet achieved in the market,  opening new fields of application for  blade surface dynamic pressure measurements. Thanks to its miniature size the sensor assembly is typically prone for high density packaging applications under high rotational speed.

Limmat Scientific

Surface-mount pressure sensor (SMA1)

The sensor assemblies consist of an absolute pressure die mounted onto an stainless steel housing. The housing can be easily mounted onto the blade surface with standard epoxy glue. The sensor are RTV coated and can be applied in air, water or steam flows.


  • Small packaging dimensions (W x L X H):
  • 0.8×1.75×0.5mm
  • Slim electrical connections : 0.135mm
  • 210KHz measurement bandwidth
  • Maximum operation temperature: 120°C
  • Pressure range 0015mbar to 2000mbar absolute
  • Sensitivity 3.2mV/bar
  • High G loading
  • Media: air, water, steam
  • Fully calibrated
  • Fully compatible with industrial signal conditionning systems