FRAP – High Temperature (FRAP-HT)

The FRAP-HT offers the highest total temperature operating range. The probe tip is equipped with 2 peizo-resistive sensors encapsulated under the pressure taps. The probe is operated in a 4-sensor mode and  measures the unsteady flow field up to a frequency of 25KHz with a miximum operating temperature of 220°C.

Limmat Scientific

FRAP – High Temperature (FRAP-HT) High total temperature range

Integrate probes with turn-key LSc measurement system including calibration, traversing system and full suite of post processing data reduction and analysis software.


  • 2.5mm probe tip diameter
  • 25KHz measurement bandwidth
  • Maximum temperature: 220°C
  • -30 ≤ yaw angle ≤ 30
  • -30 ≤ pitch angle ≤+24°
  • Operation in air
  • – Fully calibrated
  • Fully compatible with FRAP turn key system
  • Robust measurement tool used routinely in many industrial or academic facilities.
  • No cooling required