Five-hole Probes

Sub-millimeter measurement resolution for improved efficiency management

Ultra-miniature pneumatic 5-hole probes with tip diameters as small as 0.9mm measuring steady flow fields. Measures flow parameters, including total and static pressure, flow angles, velocity components, temperature and Mach number. Cobra, Sting, and Stem type models available.

Limmat Scientific

Five-hole Probes​

Integrate probes with turn-key LSc measurement system including calibration, traversing system and full suite of post processing data reduction and analysis software.


• Denser, Finer Measurements with tip diameters to 0.9mm
• Traceable calibration according to customer requirements
• Measurement of
–  Flow Velocity
–  Angles
–  Total and Static Pressure
• Demonstrated robustness during continuous use in both industrial and academic facilities
• Fully compatible with existing systems or with LSc’s turn-key measurement systems