Portable Probe System

Compact fully-loaded measurement system: Exceptional Value & Real-time aerodynamic data

New Product Offering
Compact and portable, a fully equipped measurement system at a reduced price. This powerful tool can be anywhere precision flow measurements are required: in the laboratory or off-site locations.

Limmat Scientific

Portable Probe System

LSc’s 5-hole probe measurement system includes: calibrated probes, high precision pressure transducers, 2 or 3-axis traversing system with embedded control software & power supply and a complete suite of data reduction and analysis software. A wireless connection supports remote PC access for measurement control and monitoring. The monitoring software provides real-time aerodynamic flow results  

Supports all LSc 5-Hole and third party measurement probes.


  • Full Turn-Key System:
    – Sub-Millimeter Probe with tip diameters to 0.9mm
    – Real-time aerodynamic data
    – Calibration
    – Traversing system
    – Software: Data acquisition, data reduction and analysis
  • Wireless PC connection for remote measurement control and monitoring
  • Traceable calibration according to customer requirements
  • Probe Measurements:
    – Flow Velocities
    – Angles
    – Total and Static Pressure
  • Compact carrying case
  • Demonstrated robustness during continuous use in industrial and academic facilities