Wireless multi-sensor measurement system

Unsteady measurements in the rotating frame

The wireless multi-sensor measurement system consists of a fast high resolution analog-to-digital recorder and logger. The boards are designed to be operated in the rotating frame of reference up steady accelerations of 15’000 g. The boards can be stacked up to 4 units offering 16 simultaneous analogue voltage acquisition channels up to a sampling rate of 200KHz..

Wireless multi-sensor measurement system Each boards can acquire either 2 piezo-resistive pressure sensors or 4 strain gages operated in a constant current mode. The board can be configured for the usage of LSc’s SMA and CMA fast-pressure sensors assemblies


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• Sampling rate :200kHz

• 16 bit resolution ADC

• Voltage acquisirion range: 0-5V

•16 simultaneous analogue voltage input

• Compatible with piezo-resitive pressure sensors and strain gages

• Wireless data transmission

• Fully compatible with LSc’s fast pressure sensors